The Arundell Family of Cornwall by Mrs Janet de Gaynesford

ECHA Podcast Artwork v2This is the first of three talks on Catholicism in Cornwall.  The Arundells were a leading Cornish family, with branches at Wardour Castle in Somerset and lands at Chideock in Dorset.  The family came to England with William the Conqueror and comprises 31 generations over 900 years.  Mrs de Gaynesford, who is a descendant of the Arundells, gives a moving account of the tenacity with which the Cornish branch of the family held to the Catholic faith during penal times.  Sir Humphrey Arundell who led the Prayer Book Uprising in Cornwall of 1549 was martyred at Tyburn and Sir John Arundell spent 5 years in total in the Tower of London for the crime of sheltering priests at his home of Lanherne.  He died there after torture and starvation.

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