The Catholic Bishops of Hexham and Newcastle – a talk by Dr Paul Severn via Zoom, Tuesday 6 September 2022, 7.30pm

We are delighted Dr Paul Severn has agreed to speak to our members and friends on the subject of the Catholic Bishops of Hexham and Newcastle. Since the revival of the Roman Catholic dioceses in 1850, bishops of Hexham and Newcastle ostensibly all had the same ‘job’ to do: to lead and care for their diocese – teaching, sanctifying and governing. But each brought a different background and personality to this task; each had his own strengths and weaknesses, and each approached the task in a slightly different way.  In his talk Paul Severn will explore the lives of these fascinating men and thereby tell the story of the evolution and development of the diocese over some 170 years.

Paul Severn taught mathematics for many years at a variety of independent schools. Now living on the Isle of Wight, he has developed an interest in Ecclesiastical History, and in particular a biographical interest in English Catholic bishops. We look forward to a fascinating evening to which all are welcome. The Zoom link is below.
Meeting ID: 938 6621 4362
Passcode: 618489

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