A selection of papers given at our meetings are listed below:

Three Marian Shrines in 16th Century England by Tim Guile (2020)

Cluniac Death Rituals: A comparison with Covid Britain by John Mullaney (2020)

He Placed Himself in the Order of Signs by Mary Coghill (AGM 2014) (for the audio version go to our ‘Listen’ page)

‘Bid me come to thee upon the waters’: Fr Thomas R D Byles, Priest of the Titanic Disaster by Fr Stephen J Hoyle (AGM 2015) (for the audio version go to our ‘Listen’ page)

How novel was Vatican II?  by Fr Norman Tanner SJ (Birmingham 2010)

Recusant History of Wells & Area by Mrs Gill Hogarth (for the audio version, go to our ‘Listen’ page)  (Wells 2012)

Post Reformation Catholicism in the Forest of Dean and West Gloucestershire by Mr Michael Bergin (Forest of Dean 2011)

The Vaughan Family by Mr Richard Vaughan (Monmouth 2011)

Christianity in Britain before St Augustine by Fr Richard Whinder (AGM 2008)

Early Christianity in Northern Britain by Fr B Barlow (AGM 2008)