Michael Protheroe RIP

It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Michael Protheroe in December 2017.  He will be remembered at ECHA for his indefatigable research into the Christian history of Glastonbury.  Many of his publications relate to this research and are listed below and at the end of the short obituary which we placed in our March 2018 newsletter.  If anyone reading this notice knows of other publications which we have not listed, we would appreciate knowing of them.  Please send an email to us via the Contact Us page.  You can read the (slightly corrected) obituary by clicking here.

As a tribute to Michael we are placing on this page a talk entitled King Arthur and Our Lady of Glastonbury which he gave to our members during our visit to Cornwall in 2009.  His inimitable and self-effacing style is evident, as well as his attention to the detail of  early English history he so loved to share.  Click on the arrow below to listen.  Here is a photo of Michael speaking at that meeting.michael protheroe speaking at st paul social centre, tintagel, 2009

Publications by Michael Protheroe
A History of Calday Grange Grammar School, West Kirby, 1676-1976.  Published by The Old Caldeian Union and the Parents Association 1976.

A Hidden History of Roman Catholicism in Glastonbury over the last 400 years, Glastonbury Conservation Society Newsletter, No 108, 2003.

In Somerset and Dorset Notes & Queries VOL XXXVI
Gildas, Glastonbury and the Genetrix:  A Historiographic Review, March 2008, Part 367, No.36.
St Wilfrid and Glastonbury, March 2009, Part 369, No.48.
Glastonbury’s ‘Holy’ Well Demystified, Sept 2009, Part 370, No.58
Glastonbury’s Urtext, March 2010, Part 371, No.63
New Light on the Mystery of Glastonbury’s Old Church, Sept 2010, Part 372, No.70

In Somerset and Dorset Notes & Queries VOL XXXVII
Pre-Conquest Glastonbury and Montacute, March 2011, Part 373, No.5.
Glastonbury as Roma Secunda:  An Excursus, Sept 2011, Part 374, No.6.
Glastonbury and Tintagel:  Parallels and Links? Sept 2011, Part 374, No. 11
Blake, ‘Jerusalem’, and Glastonbury, March 2013, Part 377, note.
The Iconography of the North Doorway of Glastonbury’s Lady Chapel, Sept 2013, Part 378, note.
Saxon Somerset and the Eternal City:  Links in a Chain, Sept 2014, Part 380, No.50
Saints of Glastonbury and the Making of ‘Engalande’:  The ‘Secgan’ Evidence, Sept 2015, Part 382, No.63.

In Devon and Cornwall Notes & Queries
St Aldhelm in Dumnonia, Autumn 2011.
The Chapel at Golden: a conundrum resolved? Autumn 2016
The Origins of Buckfast in context: A reassessment.  Autumn 2017

On the ECHA website (audio)   www.echa.co.uk/listen
King Arthur and Our Lady of Glastonbury, Tintagel, 2009.

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