Catholic Record Society –  founded in 1904 the Catholic Record Society is the premier Catholic historical society in the United Kingdom and is devoted to the study of Roman Catholicism in the British Isles from the Reformation to the present day.

Catholic Archives Society – founded in 1979 to promote the care and preservation of records of dioceses, religious foundations, institutions and societies of the Roman Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Midland Catholic History Society – formed in 1996 from the merger of the Worcestershire Catholic History Society and the Staffordshire Catholic History Society.

North-Eastern Catholic History Society – founded in 1974 to promote research into the history of the Roman Catholic Church in the north eastern counties of England.

The North-West Catholic History Society – promotes the study of the history of the Catholic Church
in the region west of the Pennines, the old counties of Cheshire, Cumberland, Lancashire, and Westmorland

The Winchester Catholic History Society – which celebrates its Silver Jubilee this year, 2021. They plan a full programme of talks and visits which you can see on their website.

Isle of Wight Catholic History Society – raising awareness of the Catholic history of the island

Much useful information about Gloucestershire Catholic History is contained on this website:  managed by Richard Barton, who founded the Gloucestershire and North Avon Catholic History Society.

The Centre for Monastic Heritage at Downside Abbey– Downside Abbey has the largest monastic archive and library in the UK. The Centre has been formed by a recent partnership with the University of Bristol.

Catholic Family History Society

Australian Catholic Historical Society – our sister society in Australia

American Catholic Historical Association – our sister society in America

Catholic History Walks – usually in London, led by experienced Catholic history guides

The British Pilgrimage Trust – encourage pilgrimage in Britain