Origins of Anti-Catholicism – lecture at the Museum of London, 20 November, 6pm

A Free Lecture:

The origins of Anti-Catholicism by Alec Ryrie, Gresham Professor of Divinity

Alec Ryrie is a Professor in the History of Christianity at Durham University. He’s a superb speaker and his previous series on Extreme Christianity and Atheism have been very illuminating.

How The English Learned to Hate Catholics
Weds 20 November, 6pm-7pm
Museum of London
Professor Alec Ryrie

Medieval England was proudly Catholic and ostentatiously loyal to Rome. But from the late sixteenth century until recent times – and even now – anti-Catholic prejudice has been a cornerstone of English and British identity.

This lecture will look at how this prejudice grew out of the persecution of Protestants in the 1550s, at the idealistic historian who crystallised it, and at the political crises, real and invented, which turned his text into a paranoiacs’ charter.

Gresham College has been providing free public lectures since 1597. You can read more about our history here. This lecture, like most of ours, is open to the public on a first come first served basis, but we can book seats for schools/ colleges for all our lectures.

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