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St Nicholas Owen: Priest-hole Maker by Tony Reynolds

St Nicholas Owen was arguably one of the most fearless and courageous of the Catholic martyrs of the Reformation. He learnt joinery as a trade and put his skills to use in fashioning the most ingenious priest-holes in England during … Continue reading

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The Letters of John Henry Newman – A Portrait – by Mgr Roderick Strange

There are approximately 20,000 extant letters written by Blessed John Henry Newman. These have been gathered together in 32 volumes by the long and painstaking work of members of the Birmingham Oratory. Mgr Strange, theologian and Newman scholar, has recently … Continue reading

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An Overview of Devotion to Our Lady of Glastonbury by Dr Timothy Hopkinson-Ball

Glastonbury is the oldest shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in England, pre-dating the better-known Marian shrine of Walsingham by many 100s of years. Since the destruction of Glastonbury Abbey at the Reformation, the shrine’s Marian origins have been … Continue reading

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“Priests in Uniform” – military chaplains of the First World War by Dr James Hagerty KSG

Dr James Hagerty gives a detailed talk on the contribution of military chaplains in the First World War.  Roman Catholic chaplains were first commissioned for the British Army after the Crimean War, in 1858.  At the outbreak of WWI therefore … Continue reading

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“He placed himself in the order of signs” – a talk on the poet David Jones by Dr Mary Coghill

David Jones (1895-1974) was an artist and poet who contributed significantly to Catholic war literature. He was present at the front throughout most of the First World War only leaving the front when wounded, and then returning. His experiences marked … Continue reading

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Recusant Liturgy by Michael Hodgetts

Michael Hodgetts reviews the 300 years of liturgical practice of Catholics under penal conditions in England from the mid 1500s to early Victorian times. Music, missals, primers, chapel architecture and decoration, official and unofficial records of one sort or another, … Continue reading

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The History of the Mass from Melchisedek to the Second Vatican Council by Fr Peter Jones

A clear and concise overview of the celebration of the Eucharist from the time of its foreshadowing in the Old Testament with the figure of Melchisedek (Genesis 14: 18-20). Fr Peter Jones shows that there is a core and constant … Continue reading

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