The Vigil of Emancipation in English Catholicism by Dr Simon Johnson

ECHA Podcast Artwork v2Dr Johnson outlines the situation for English Catholics on the eve of emancipation experienced from the point of view of the clergy and seminarians in the exiled colleges in Europe, principally the Lisbon College. The mid 18th century was the nadir of English Catholicism at home and abroad.  It saw the collapse of the English College at Douai and all missionary colleges in Europe with the exception of Lisbon College.  Without the influence of external events such as the French Revolution and Irish immigration the English Catholic community may well not have survived.  Dr Simon Johnson is Keeper of the Archives and Library at Downside Abbey, Somerset.   He is the present authority on the history of the Lisbon College, and this was the subject of his doctorate.  He is Chairman of the ECHA and a Director of the Catholic Record Society.  This talk was given in 2010.

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