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The Gordon Riots in Bath by Dr Steve Poole

In 1780, as a protest against the First Catholic Relief Act of 1778, a petition was brought to Parliament in London which sparked the Gordon Riots.   Some days later a small crowd was seen near the Catholic mission in … Continue reading

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The Gordon Riots in London by Michael Winterbottom

The First Catholic Relief Act in 1778 led to the  Gordon Riots of 1780 which lasted for a week and were of great ferocity in London where many major public buildings including the Bank of England, the prisons of Newgate … Continue reading

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Catholic Emancipation in England by Fr Brian Doolan

Only accession to the throne remains as an impediment to full participation in public life for in England today Catholics today, whereas 400 years ago it was a treasonable offence to celebrate or attend Mass, punishable by the death penalty. … Continue reading

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The Vigil of Emancipation in English Catholicism by Dr Simon Johnson

Dr Johnson outlines the situation for English Catholics on the eve of emancipation experienced from the point of view of the clergy and seminarians in the exiled colleges in Europe, principally the Lisbon College. The mid 18th century was the … Continue reading

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Catholic Emancipation – talks by Dr Simon Johnson & Fr Brian Doolan

These talks on Catholic Emancipation in England were given at our Day Conference at Downside Abbey in 2010.  We reproduce them now as useful background to the talks on the Gordon Riots given by our speakers at Downside this year … Continue reading

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