The Stuart Papers and the Jacobite Circle in Rome by Dom Geoffrey Scott OSB

ECHA Podcast Artwork v2The 150,000 documents which comprise the Stuart Papers are housed in the Royal Archives at Windsor. They give a detailed overview of the exiled Jacobite world of the 18th century. Only a small proportion, the first few years, have been published. The story of how they were gathered together and made their way back to England, and finally to Windsor (in 1834) is a fascinating one.  Dom Geoffrey goes on to give a picture of the Jacobite circle in Rome in the second half of the 18th century through the eyes of the Procurator of the English Benedictine Congregation in Rome, Dom Placid Waters. This talk makes fascinating listening covering as it does a period of English history which has often been overlooked.  Dom Geoffrey Scott OSB is an historian and the Abbot of Douai Abbey in Berkshire.   50 minutes

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