The Recusant History of Wells and Area by Mrs Gill Hogarth

ECHA Podcast Artwork v2A detailed chronological account of what we know of the families and priests who held to the Catholic faith, or converted to the Catholic faith, after the Reformation (c 1530) until after the end of penal times (mid 19th century) in Somerset.  Mrs Hogarth gives the names and brief histories of Somerset-born priests who were executed for their Faith, or who had to remain abroad to avoid the dangers in England, as well as some information about their families and other Catholic families in the area.  The talk also covers the establishment of the first Catholic mission in the area, in Shepton Mallet, the arrival of the Carmelite nuns in Wells, and the subsequent erection of a public Catholic chapel, the present-day Catholic church of St Joseph & St Teresa in Wells.   A fascinating insight into recusant life in Somerset.  Mrs Hogarth is Assistant Archivist for the Diocese of Clifton.

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