On this page you can listen to some of the talks we have recorded during our visits or conferences.   Click on the arrows to listen or go to the ‘Our Podcast’ page to download the talks using our free iTunes Podcast.

Cardinal Pole – Rev Dr Kenneth Carleton

Monasticism in Suffolk – Dr Francis Young

With help from the English Embassy: Spanish Civil War Letters from Loreto Sisters 1936-38 – Dr Benjamin Hazard

Saint John Henry Newman – Doctor of the Church? – Fr Marcus Holden

A History of Reading Abbey – John & Lindsay Mullaney

Bishop Youens of Northampton – Margaret Osborne

St Alphege: Saint of Bath and Saint for our Times – Dr Giles Mercer

The English Dominican Province – Fr Richard Finn OP 

Downside Abbey Library and Archives – Dr Simon Johnson

Shakespeare and the English Reformation – Lady Clare Asquith

St Nicholas Owen: Priest-hole Maker –  Tony Reynolds

“Bid me come to thee upon the waters”: Fr Thomas R D Byles, Priest of the Titanic Disaster – Fr S J Hoyle
Main Talk: 


Blessed John Henry Newman: A Portrait in Letters – Mgr Roderick Strange
Main Talk: 


An Overview of Devotion to Our Lady of Glastonbury – Dr Timothy Hopkinson-Ball

‘Priests in Uniform’ – Catholic Military Chaplains in the First World War – Dr James Hagerty

David Jones: ‘He placed himself in the order of signs’ – Dr Mary Coghill

Dean John Incent or Innocent GPF – David Pearce  61 minutes 

William Brownlow: Convert, Scholar and Bishop – Dr Giles Mercer  53 minutes 

Receiving Vatican II  – Brian Davies with introduction by Fr Brian Doolan
54 minutes 

The Gordon Riots in London – Michael Winterbottom   55 minutes 

The Gordon Riots in Bath – Dr Steve Poole  50 minutes 

The Christian History of Wells – Dr Timothy Hopkinson-Ball   39 minutes 

The Recusant History of Wells & Area – Mrs Gill Hogarth   45 minutes 

The Dissolution of the Monastries – Professor George Bernard   58 minutes 

Recusancy in Monmouthshire in the 16th & 17th Centuries – Mrs Madge O’Keefe.    52 minutes 

Newman and Chesterton – Fr Ian Ker  33 minutes 

Eric Gill’s Stations of the Cross in St Augustine’s, High Wycombe, with a Short History of the De La Salle Brothers – Br Michael Curran FSC    55 minutes 

A Short History of Northampton Diocese – Brin Dunsire  55 minutes 

Catholic Life in England in the Era of Emancipation  – Dr Simon Johnson (introduction by Dom Aidan Bellenger)  50 minutes 

Catholic Emancipation – Fr Brian Doolan   50 minutes 

Recusant Liturgy – Michael Hodgetts  45 minutes 

The History of the Mass from Melchisedek to the Second Vatican Council – Fr Peter Jones   48 minutes 

The Stuart Papers and the later Jacobite Circle in Rome – Abbot Dom Geoffrey Scott OSB.   1hr 9 minutes 

The Canons Regular of the Lateran – Abbot Anthony Maggs CRL  42 minutes 

The Arundell family – Mrs Janet de Gaynesford   45 minutes 

The Molesworth Family – Mrs P J Shaw  28 minutes 

King Arthur and Our Lady of Glastonbury – Mr Michael Protheroe  38 minutes