The English Reformation and the European Renaissance – CHC conference 28 March 2020

The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst is hosting an academic conference entitled The English Reformation and European Renaissance, whichwill take place on the afternoon of 28th March 2020 and will feature Professors Peter Davidson (Oxford) and Gerard Kilroy (UCL).  They will examine the cultural interaction between England having undergone a religious revolution and continental Europe during the Renaissance.

Professor Davidson will examine how the poetry of the famous Jesuit saint, Robert Southwell, reached and sustained not only its immediate and Catholic audience, but a rather more diverse section of English society. Professor Kilroy will explore how English Catholicism was maintained and nurtured by exiles on the continent, and how a particular relationship between England and Europe continued as a result.

There will follow a Q and A session with the Professors and an optional evening seminar entitled Practical Problems in the Study of the British Catholic Diaspora. For full details and booking, please visit the event’s page on their website: Generous discounts are available for students booking as individuals or as part of a group.



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